Friday, 10 April 2009

Berlusconi to Queen Elizabeth of England: Ah, Shaddup you face!

In light of the British media’s bedlam over the mannerisms displayed at the G20 photo shoot in London, Italian President, Silvio Berlusconi, has defied protocol once again and ordered the head of the British government to “Shaddup you face!”

Furthermore, to substantiate his demand, Berlusconi then cornered the Queen and asked which countries of all those Britain occupied, ransacked and pillaged have been compensated. The Queen responded in kind, (while wearing a crown full of looted jewellery, allegedly including a stolen ruby from the Punjab): “Mr.Berlusconi, your grammar is inappropriate to one’s ear holes.”

“Shaddup you face,” retorted Mr. Berlusconi, “we Italians occupied Libya for 40 or more years and last year we acknowledged that we did a wrong and compensated Libya. I put it to you Queeni, which countries have you ever compensated?”

“Oh do please grow up Mr. Berlusconi, and why do you have to talk so loud?” replied the Queen.

“Why you look-a so sad,” retorted Berlusconi, “my government is a government which acknowledged that it did a wrong to a nation and we compensated. You are not better than me!”

Queen Elizabeth totally ignored him, but Mr Berlusconi went on to say that he is going to release a new single next week, which will be his response to the British establishment's recent outpouring of cant against him. The song is also a tribute to Joe Dolce. The Chorus will include the following lyrics:

What's-a matter you, hey, gotta no compensation

Why you looted the whole world, hey, gotta a no respect

Why you look-a so sad, hey, you’re the real gangsters, hey

It's-a not so bad, it's-a nice-a place

Ah, shaddap you face

©yamyam-yemeni April 2009.

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Anonymous said...

you are CRAZY lol!!!
wow ... shaddapa your face ...been a long time since i heard that!